"Every single piece of art work that I create develops impulsively as I paint even to the last paint stroke - it would be far boring to do it any other way."

Janka Valeková
Janka Valekováartist

"My feelings are open to the outside world viewed in the image that I am trying to adapt to today's environment, the sophisticated, modern apartment interior, social and commercial premises."

About the author

Janka Valekova has been professionally painting for 15 years and comes from an artistic family from the charming town of Dolny Kubin in the north of Slovakia.

Jane has a unique technique of painting which she describes as "plastic art and relief paintings". In her work she tries to reflect a spirit of a contemporary thinking. Jane also has considerable experience concerning dry pastel, aquarelle and acrylic techniques and also is known for her fashion and interior designs.

Jane`s desire is to always try to dynamically express her emotional feelings in her art work by incorporating substance and shape into various styles. Jane is inspired to discover the hidden meaning from the beauty and nature of everyday life. Jane`s specialized work includes creative paintings , speciality mirrors and furniture. Included in her work are natural and abstract motives as well as figures.

Artistic focus

presenting artist creating original paintings, reliefs and mirrors for furniture through recommendations but also to business enterprises, hotels and zeštauráciám to the socio premises.

In collaboration with the client or architect knows to create a work that communicates with the space and revives and completes its full glory.

creation process consists of three stages. On the hidden wooden frame and fiberboard applied and shaped mass, which after hardening Dobrusa. When it is prepared author paints a gradual work of trapping the final effect.



Artistic focus

  • Relief paintings100%
  • Decorative frames for mirrors100%
  • embossing furniture and components90%
  • Home furnishings, arrangements and decorations85%
  • Interior Design - advice75%
  • Non-traditional painting techniques of the interior70%
  • Design and update home garden and garden elements50%
  • Christmas decorations50%


  • exhibition "Inspiration" - Dolny Kubin - 2005, 2006
  • solo exhibition - Hotel Severan, Dolny Kubin - 2005, 2006
  • exhibition "Finding and maturation" - Límanová (Poland) - 2012
  • exhibition "Furniture and Living" - Nitra - annually
  • exhibition of the artists' Colletiva 03 "- Ferrara (Italy) - 2013 


  • City Park Hotel - Dolny Kubin
  • Hotel Danubia Gate - Bratislava
  • Pension North Star
  • Pension Švárny
  • Cottage Daria and more ...