I am pleased and very happy I participated in a joint project of the community Slovak artists - 03 COLLETIVA exhibition at the Palazzo della Racchetta in the Italian city of Ferrara in 1012

Exhibition of Furniture - Nitra

For the seventh year to present their work in exhibitions of furniture and housing in Nitra

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exhibition Dawn - Dolny Kubin

In 2006 I presented my work solo exhibition in my hometown in Dolny Kubin.

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Exhibition VUC Žilina

In life, I like many things. My family, my children and husband, sport, and not least my work. The results of their work I presented in 2009 in Liverpool.

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Exhibition Limanová

When people several nationalities with interest also meet at the show, we know that our work has been zbytočná.Výstava in Poland in 2011 Límanová

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